William Branston

William Branston, Tenor

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  • Minard Theater Gent
  • 20/05/2021
  • Thursday, 8PM to 11PM

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George Davis in LoveMusik

Minard Theater Gent

Thursday, 8PM to 11PM


International Opera Academy Gent

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George Davis in LoveMusik

Minard Theater Gent

Thursday, 8PM to 11PM


While listening to Kurt Weill’s music, you may well wonder whether you are listening to the work of a classical composer, or to a flirtation with musical. In the end, it doesn’t matter.
Weill’s music touches you. It inspired artists such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. It moves audiences in opera houses, in theaters, on Broadway.
Weill tugs at your heartstrings. His music is exhilarating, poignant, moving. Listen more closely, and you’ll find that below the music’s layers of sentiment and variety theater frequently lurks an unsparing critique of society. With his partner in crime Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill wanted to kick his audience’s conscience into gear.

You might well call the life of Kurt Weill and singer Lotte Lenya, star of the German theater during the twenties and thirties of the last century, eventful. LoveMusik considers the turbulent relationship between the composer and the soprano interpreting his songs – often with lyrics by Brecht. Guided by Weill’s music and inspired by his correspondence with Lenya, we trace these fascinating artists for 25 years of their life. Look forward to an intriguing, surprising and emotional portrait, a Belgian premiere by the talented singers of the International Opera Academy and Casco Phil.


Artistic team
Composer: Alfred Uhry / Kurt Weill
Conductor: Benjamin Haemhouts
Director: Stefaan Degand
Set design: Bert Serneels
Light design: Michiel Soete
Dramaturge & director’s assistant: Elien Hanselaer
Musical coach: Hein Boterberg

Students of the International Opera Academy
Ensemble: CASCO PHIL

Coproduction: International Opera Academy, Opera Ballet Flanders & Casco Phil